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We’re about great food culture

Our Story

It all started with a vision... of sandwiches. The notion was simple. Perfect all the ingredients - proteins, cheeses, veggies, bread - and craft sandwiches with flavor combinations and food quality usually reserved for fine dining. A gourmet meal between two pieces of bread.

Now the dream has grown beyond sandwiches to all types of foods. And we bring them to you from local farmers who produce spectacular flavors. Supporting local and sustainable is not a slogan. It’s the right thing to do, and the food tastes better for it.

Food & Good Vibes Meant for Sharing

Butcher & Bee opened on King Street in 2011 with the simple mission of serving honest-to-goodness sandwiches made with flavor combinations and food quality usually reserved for fine dining.

That mission has grown beyond sandwiches to include two locations of The Daily, a modern bodega and coffee spot, a second, full-service Butcher & Bee in East Nashville, a bigger Butcher & Bee Charleston location, and our taco spot in Nashville.

Swing by The Daily for coffee, cold-pressed juice, pastries, sandwiches, provisions, and more. Now with locations in Charleston and Atlanta!

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Forged by Michael Shemtov and Team Bee, Pay It Forward Charleston is a 501c3 dedicated to providing emergency assistance in the form of grants to members of the Charleston food and beverage community.

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A casual Southwestern taco shop in East Nashville, where Hatch green chiles, homemade tortillas, and outlaw country music feed the soul.

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Through The Grapevine

  • “The restaurant is family friendly and more on the casual side, but modern.”

    TripAdvisor review
  • “This place was amazing!! The wait staff was super sweet and helpful. The food was sooo delicious...”

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  • “Don't pass up on this fine eating establishment - it won't disappoint! Prices are moderate with lots of care in food preparation!”

    TripAdvisor review
  • “...What a great experience. The food was imaginative and cosmopolitan, with a local southern flair”

    TripAdvisor review
  • “This is the kind of restaurant to try new things and be a little adds to the experience! Definitely one of Nashville's best new restaurants and a must-do for locals and those traveling through!”

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  • “Located in a funky neighborhood and a bit hard to find, but so worth it. Really interesting room, cool bar, diverse and fun menu and excellent food.”

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  • “Butcher and Bee has recently relocated to a newly renovated building, and the result was fantastic.”

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  • “Once you start sharing food at this delightful new place in East Nashville, it becomes a wonderfully intimate dining experience.”

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